An ex-Bulls balance: « Jordan always answers my texts, Pippen never »

Scottie Pippen is in full promotion for his book and he does not hesitate to destroy Michael Jordan whenever he gets the chance. Statements which are obviously talking about him, but which also annoy some former teammates. A three-time champion with the Bulls has spoken.

Scottie Pippen is making the headlines at the end of the year, and for once, it has nothing to do with the crazy adventures of his ex-wife Larsa, who always takes pleasure in humiliating him … No, yes the legend of the Bulls is scouring the TV shows at the moment it is to promote his book « Unguarded », in which he gives his version of the facts about his career.

And what emerges from the first extracts and the first interviews is this settling of scores without the slightest warning against Michael jordan. Mistreated in The Last Dance, the legendary No. 33 of the Bulls dynasty has decided to take revenge by simply destroying his former teammate. He went to say that MJ had ruined the sport because of his vision « individualist » basketball!

Teammate defends Jordan and accuses Pippen

But His Airness is still today one of the most respected men in the NBA microcosm, so inevitably, faced with this relentlessness, many are those who seek to defend him. This is particularly the case of Scott Williams, member of the Bulls during the first 3-Peat, who was questioned by the site Fadeaway World. He denounces in particular the lack of communication of Pippen with his former teammates.

When I send messages to Michael Jordan he always responds. I know when he’s on the golf course, when he’s doing business, or when he runs his Hornets. And I appreciate that. For example, I send him messages before a big televised intervention and he says to me: “It’s okay brother, I’m wide awake. I’m ready to go ”. It’s the little things that mean a lot to me.

I know I have messaged Scottie Pippen many times and it’s radio silence. I have seen some excerpts from his book and honestly I am a little saddened. I have so many great memories with Scottie and still love him. But I never saw this disappointment or this hatred towards Michael Jordan when I was a teammate with them.

Concretely, Scott Williams admits that in addition to not being a great friend, Scottie Pippen would not have been completely honest in his book or in his career. Because contrary to what is written in « Unguarded », the Bulls of the time never saw the slightest trace of animosity from the No. 33 towards the No. 23 during their reign on the NBA. Either he hid his game well in the locker room, or he exaggerates the line in his work.

Scottie Pippen probably didn’t think he would make so many enemies with his statements rowdy on Michael Jordan. But even today the n ° 23 is defended by many friends and former team-mates. That’s it to respond to messages …

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