An envelope of €50,000 to combine sport and social ties

Aimed at sports (clubs or schools) or social associations, public establishments and local authorities: the county council has just launched a broad call for projects, with an overall budget of €50,000. To benefit from a boost from the institution, the candidates will have to combine the themes of « sport » and « social ties » within their projects.

The declared will of the Department: « Give keys to personal development to people in social difficulty and promote social cohesion », with priority audiences identified: young people and adults who are far from practicing sport, precarious families, people in professional integration, disabled or elderly people, etc.

« This new action, which makes the link between sport and social ties, is intended to decompartmentalize the public policies carried out by the Department », summarizes the president Arnaud Viala. Jean-Philippe Sadoul, vice-president in charge of solidarity and employment, sees in it the « willingness to act transversally », « to go and find the Aveyronnais who need it most at home » and why not allow him, by this « inclusion through sport », « to get back on track ».

The file can be downloaded from the website and candidates looking for technical support or local partners can write to

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