An Eastern All-Star soon released by his franchise?

Two good months from the trade deadline, the transfer market is really starting to stir in the NBA. Big names are already mentioned among the potential candidates for a departure, and an All-Star from the Eastern Conference could soon be added to the list!

After a 2020-21 fiscal year cut short by the Covid-19, the NBA is returning to its traditional rhythm this year. Start and end dates of the regular season, periods reserved for the playoffs and the All-Star Weekend… The league is gradually resuming its usual rhythm. Including at the level of transfers, and negotiations surrounding hypothetical deals.

As in every campaign, the upcoming arrival on the market of free agents signed this summer is causing a stir. This could indeed unblock files that go on forever, like that of Ben Simmons, but also trigger new ones of the same magnitude. Other big names are starting to be the subject of departure rumors in recent days!

A Celtics star soon asked to leave?

Unsurprisingly, it is the franchises with great ambitions, but with disappointing results, which envisage an overhaul of their workforce, and the sacrifice of some of their stars. After the Pacers, who would have made available three pillars of their workforce, the Celtics could go in the same direction according to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report. They could therefore separate… from Jaylen Brown!

As long as Boston floats on the periphery of Eastern Conference playoff qualifying spots, the rest of the league will be watching Brown’s status, and whether the Celtics move in a new direction. “I think they’re starting to get to a place where they think he and Jayson Tatum can’t coexist,” an assistant general manager said.

Simply 9th in the East at the moment (14-14), the C’s clearly do not meet the expectations placed in them. Steadily improving over the past two seasons, Brown is showing a lower performance than what made him an All-Star last year. His 21.2 points and 5.1 rebounds per game, however, could make another team happy. Either way, it would not be time to trade for him yet.

“I think the general belief on this is that Brown and Tatum don’t work together,” a general manager told B / R. But unless the leaders put pressure on Brad Stevens, I don’t see them doing anything about it. « 

In any case, given its good rating still intact, the rivals of Boston should certainly keep an eye on this enticing track!

Like his franchise, Jaylen Brown is not satisfied at the start of the season, and is therefore logically threatened in Boston. His future will therefore have to be watched very closely if this poor form is maintained!

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