An arrival at a priority sector anticipated

Montpellier has been plagued by major sporting difficulties since the start of the season. However, these last 15 days seem to represent the acme of the crisis that the club is going through and it will be necessary to get out of it as quickly as possible to break a negative spiral which could have serious consequences for the players and the supporters. The club is therefore trying to strengthen itself in an attempt to change the situation.

Drawing : "Mercato MHSC: An arrival in a priority sector anticipated "

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The Hérault club is plagued by multiple offers for its players. Thus, Jonas Omlin, Max Estève and Nicolas Cozza could follow Arnaud Souquet who has already left for MLS. However, the club is not ready to sell at any price and intends to conduct negotiations from a position of strength despite the rather anxiety-provoking sporting climate.. In the event of imminent departures, the club sniffs out good opportunities in the defender market.

A former Ligue 1 player in the sights

A player who passed through Ligue 1 and is well known to Algerian fans has been offered to the Paillade club. This is Djamel Benlamri, former player of Olympique Lyonnais passing through the capital of Gaul for a period of 9 months. The African champion with the Fennecs was offered to the club because, at the end of the contract and free to commit where he wishes, the Algerian international with 29 caps is looking for a high-level base.. If JS Kabylie came to the information, it gives priority to a Ligue 1 club and it is true that the defensive field of Montpellier is very feverish. Proof of this is Mamadou Sakho’s mistake on Mostafa Mohamed’s goal and the former hero of the famous France-Ukraine in 2013 is ardently encouraged to leave by the MHSC to free up a big salary for a player who is no longer very successful.

If at this stage Djamel Benlamri is just offered by his agent, he could well be studied more seriously by the Montpellier board, which would see an experienced player in a good light. All the more so if it is free of any contract and represents a certain financial windfall. In the meantime, the Montpellier residents have two weeks off to put their minds to rest before facing AJ Auxerre in a crucial game for maintaining.

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