An All-Star drops his all-time top 4 and zaps LeBron!


Even in the height of the season, all-time discussions can be relaunched by league members. A big name, recent target of the Lakers, thus unveiled his impressive Mount Rushmore NBA, and chose not to mention LeBron James in his list!

A 5th title acquired this season, after the multiple difficulties encountered in recent weeks, would it allow it to enter a new dimension? Lebron james must in any case hope so, he who is still chasing the status of best all-time player. The recruitment carried out by his Lakers this summer was also intended to offer him this 5th ring next June.

DeMar DeRozan dismisses LeBron from his all-time Top 4

Several league stars have been targeted by the Angelinos during the offseason, deemed capable of helping the King in his quest for the Larry O’Brien trophy. Among them: DeMar DeRozan, whose possible Los Angeles signing was ultimately aborted. In a recent interview for his Bulls franchise, the backside allowed himself a little « revenge », omitting LBJ when revealing his NBA Mount Rushmore!

My Mount Rushmore? Um… Jordan, Kobe, Shaq and Magic.

A native of LA, DeRozan quite logically lists three former Angelinos in his cast, namely Kobe bryant, Shaquille O’Neal and Magic Johnson. Legends who certainly rocked his childhood, whether through performances observed live, or highlights discovered during his youth. But instead of reserving LeBron the last place on his list, he preferred to give it to his eternal historical rival, Michael jordan.

That doesn’t mean, however, that DMDR holds the Chosen One’s career in low regard. After dominating him this Sunday, he also sent her a big message of admiration. What does it matter to Sam Quinn CBS Sports, who thinks thanks to this snob to have understood why the former Raptor did not put his suitcases in the City of the Angels last summer!

DeMar DeRozan just unveiled his NBA Mount Rushmore: Kobe, Shaq, MJ, Magic. No LeBron. The mystery surrounding DeMar not being a Lakers has just officially been solved.

Limited to 4 names, DeMar DeRozan had to exclude LeBron James from his Mount Rushmore NBA. The King can anyway console himself with the recent words of the back of the Bulls towards him!


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