AmSud: Boca, an elimination that ends at the police station | Africa football


Eliminated in 8e of the Copa Libertadores-2021 final against Atlético Mineiro, the Argentinian club, Boca Juniors, had a very eventful evening in Belo Horizonte. Indeed, the South American derby recorded serious incidents caused by the Argentines having caused a general brawl. Surveillance cameras identified eight members of the Boca Juniors delegation, including players, coaches and officials who had caused bodily harm, assault and destruction of public property. They were summoned to the Belo Horizonte police station (south-eastern Brazil) to explain themselves. The incidents were so serious that the military police had to intervene with tear gas. The Boca Juniors players made no secret of their dissatisfaction at being denied a goal in the second half. They first caused a general fight and destroyed furniture in the tunnel leading to the locker rooms.



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