Amnesty asks the Blues to commit to human rights in Qatar

Amnesty International publishes an open letter to the attention of the French football team, in relation to human rights in Qatar, host country of the 2022 World Cup.

« There is still time to bring the cup to reason », launches Amnesty International to the Blues. With this reference to the tube that accompanied the tricolor coronation at the 2018 World Cup, the human rights NGO unveils an open letter to the attention of the French men’s football team. This Thursday, on the occasion of the announcement of the list of Didier Deschamps for the international matches in June, the organization calls on the players to urge them to denounce the « unworthy conditions » that migrant workers live in Qatar, host country of the 2022 World Cup (November 21-December 18).

« Your talent is worth gold, your word must weigh just as much! Exhaustion, illness, unbearable heat: it is impossible to know the number of deaths – probably thousands – on the construction sites of the stadiums and infrastructures that will serve the winter next at the big football party », writes Amnesty, which had challenged the French Football Federation (FFF) with a punch operation last December, before obtaining a meeting in April.

« A gesture of justice for those who pay a high price »

« In Qatar, you will undoubtedly come across these migrant workers in your hotel or when traveling between stadiums and other training places. These people are still today hundreds of thousands to be exploited by unscrupulous employers, without even have the right to protest against their conditions. In question, a retrograde organization of work, which sets up a virtual servitude of those who have come to work in Qatar », adds Amnesty, which accompanies this open letter with a report which focuses on FIFA’s responsibilities and the demand for a comprehensive reparations plan for « all violations of workers’ rights ».

To push the Blues to get involved, without however calling for a boycott, Amnesty International recalls that Danish footballers (who are in the Blues group at the World Cup) and Germans have taken a stand to denounce this situation in Qatar: « You are more Strong as the Danes on the ground? Be just as strong in your demands! Get involved by clearly expressing your solidarity, by your public speech, in a message on your social networks or by signing our petition. It would be a gesture of justice for those who pay a high price for this competition to exist (…) We only ask you one thing, it is to rise to the height of their esteem, by clearly expressing your solidarity with those and those who continue to live a nightmare ».

Julien Absalon with Nicolas Pelletier

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