American football: the NFL announces that the Super Bowl will welcome 22,000 spectators and will be free for caregivers vaccinated against the Covid-19

The NFL announced Friday that the Super Bowl, the annual football finals, will be held on February 7 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay with 22,000 spectators, including 7,500 caregivers vaccinated against the coronavirus.

LNursing assistants can enter for free. The NFL said it was making the gesture of « thanking and honoring health care providers for their extraordinary work during the coronavirus pandemic. »

Most of the guests will be from the Florida area, but each of the 32 NFL teams has been authorized to award a few caregivers from their region. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell stressed that the initiative also serves to promote vaccination.

In addition to caregivers, 14,500 other supporters will be admitted to the stadium, which would otherwise accommodate 70,000 spectators. All participants should wear a mouth mask and any contact outside the bubbles should be avoided.

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