American football: NFL player charged with rape

Josh Sills, NFL franchise player for the Philadelphia Eagles, who will play in the Super Bowl, was charged with rape and kidnapping on Wednesday February 1, announced the American Football Professional League.

A story that caused a stir across the Atlantic. Josh Sills, American football player in the Eagles team, received a summons to court for February 16, four days after the Super Bowl to be played in Glendale, Arizona.

The Ohio Attorney General’s office said in a statement that Sills « engaged in a sexual act that was not consensual and held the victim against her will. »

The 25-year-old was de facto placed on the Super Bowl Grand Finals bye list by the NFL commissioner following his indictment, and will therefore not be able to face the Kansas City Chiefs with his team on 12 February.

This means that “he cannot play, train or travel with the Eagles until the league has reviewed the matter,” the body said.

However, it is not at all certain that Sills would have been part of the Eagles’ Super Bowl selection, the player having made only one appearance this season, in a victory obtained against the Arizona Cardinals.

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