American Football – Longest Run in NFL History Matched


On Sunday, Jamal Agnew crossed the field to register a touchdown. He has traveled 109 yards, which is a record in American football.

With his 109-yard run, Jacksonville Jaguars player Jamal Agnew made NFL and American football history. He now holds the record for the longest race followed by a touchdown, together with Cordarrelle Patterson (Minnesota Vikings in 2013) and Antonio Cromartie (San Diego Chargers in 2007).

He achieved this feat in Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals. But that did not prevent his own from losing 31-19. The receiver is a specialist in this kind of action, since last week, he had already made a run of 102 yards on a return commitment, against the Denver Broncos.

Jacksonville Jaguars player Jamal Agnew is 26.

Jacksonville Jaguars player Jamal Agnew is 26.

Record against record

What’s even crazier is that Jamal Agnew owes his record to a failed attempt by Cardinals shooter Matt Prater, who was also trying to break a record. After seeing his shooter achieve a 62-yard field goal in the previous meeting, the Arizona coach, Kliff Kingsbury, decided to try his luck again by sending it for a 68-yard test.

Prater holds the NFL record for longest shot at 64 yards. His kick is only the 12th in league history to be attempted at 68 yards or more. And all of these attempts were unsuccessful.

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