American baseball at a standstill after a wage dispute between players and owners

A quarrel between players and managers over salaries led to a halt in the league of baseball. The competition should not resume until March, but the risk of the cancellation of the first meetings has already been mentioned.

the New York Times announces a “Long, dreary and cold winter” for American baseball players. A month after the Atlanta team won the “World Series”, negotiations to adopt a new collective agreement broke down, leading franchise bosses to declare a “closing”. Since this Thursday, December 2, “Everything is at a standstill”, summarizes the website of the sports channel ESPN. All Major League Baseball (MLB) activities are put on hold: players no longer have access to their team’s infrastructure and, above all, transfers are not allowed.

In this case, it is the opposite of a players’ strike. As the players are not paid during the offseason and there are no games, there is no activity that they can stop. The league has decided to suspend all activities of players related to their club. No signing of free agents, no access to equipment, in short no contact between the players and their club until an agreement is reached.

As of Thursday morning, a lot of photo and video content had disappeared from the MLB website, including the ID photos of the players, as well as some compilations of their best actions, notes the Wall Street Journal. “MLB was reporting ‘restrictions on the type of content’ accessible on its site until the parties come to an agreement.”

The right to negotiate your salary

the Los Angeles Times describes the battle between the players’ association and club owners to share the pie. Players believe that the contracts imposed on them


Antoine Cuny-Le Callet

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