Amazed by PSG fans, Ed Sheeran recounts his crazy experience at the Parc des Princes

Being a world star in the world of music and having filled entire stadiums for concerts does not prevent us from being speechless at the spectacle that supporters of Soccer during a match. English author, composer and performer Ed Sheeran is living proof of this. It was during his interview for the British radio station Absolute Radio, that Ed Sheeran « unfiltered » returned to an experience that seems to have marked him for life..

« PSG fans are crazy »

Invited to the Parc des Princes on the occasion of the shock of the second day of the Champions League between Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City on September 28, the native of Halifax in Yorkshire (England) experienced a unique moment.

Although impressed by the prowess of Lionel Messi on the lawn, it was the stands of the Park that most stunned the artist. He said he was truly shocked by the energy of the Paris supporters. Yet Ed is a regular at English football stadiums. He never imagined that such an atmosphere was possible:

“I’m going to see a lot of football in England, but I had never seen that, the fans of PSG are crazy ! « 

The Briton continues the description of the match he lived with stars in his eyes and a broad smile that says a lot about the pleasure he took that night:

“They had smoke bombs, they were jumping and singing. I thought to myself: Ok this is just the beginning.

But they did that for two hours! And a Tuesday evening! That is to say, these guys were at work the next morning! « 

His evening at the Parc des Princes ended with an arm in arm photo with Lionel Messi, which the latter posted on his Instagram account.

The wife of Leo Messi is also a very big fan of Ed Sheeran according to the words of the singer. The man with the millions of singles sold also met Paris Saint-Germain coach Maurico Pochettino with whom he also posed after the victory of PSG by the score of two goals to zero.

Parisian supporters delighted

A praise of the Parc des Princes that the Parisian supporters greatly appreciated which obviously created new debates on social networks between Parisians and Marseillais mainly:

  • “Let him come to the Vélodrome, he’s going to have a heart attack. « 
  • « The only thing he’ll hear if he goes to your stadium is the air conditioning you get yourself. » « 
  • “The public of the PSG validated by Ed Sheeran, magnificent! Bravo to the Collectif Ultras Paris for the quality of its activities. « 
  • “If only the team could do the same on the pitch, we would be less bored. « 
  • “Our ultras are unplayable in terms of the atmosphere, there is not even a debate. « 
  • “Ed Sheeran, do you know OM? « 
  • “Why go to the Vélodrome, in Europe it only eats losses and it leaves the stadium in the 60th! « 
  • « Well come to Marseille you’ll see what a volcano is, no, but where are we there? « 
  • « Normal since he only knows the English stadiums too … »

For a European evening, Paris made one of the biggest stars on the planet dream. Not enough to impress the supporters of the rival Marseille club, but still. And who knows, maybe it will make him want to discover other stadiums in France.


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