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The president of the Algerian Football Federation (FAF), Charaf Eddine Amara, present in Qatar for the Arab Nations Cup, revealed yesterday that the African Football Confederation (CAF) will rely on the Fifa ranking last November with a view to drawing lots for the play-offs for the qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, scheduled for next March. “I took advantage of my presence here in Qatar to meet the various officials of Fifa and those of CAF. We discussed together the subject of the qualifying play-offs for the 2022 World Cup. I have been confirmed that the latest Fifa ranking will be taken into account, namely that of last November ”, he said on National Radio waves. It must be said that confusion has arisen about the Fifa ranking which will be taken into account during the draw for the play-offs in the Africa zone, knowing that CAF has not solved this mystery, being satisfied only to maintain the instructions for the draw for the qualifying play-offs for the final phase of the 2022 World Cup (Qatar), adopted in July 2019 which clearly specifies that the winners of the 10 groups will be divided into two hats, according to the official ranking of the Fifa (that of the month of November).

The 5 highest ranked teams will play against the 5 lowest ranked teams. The formula is to organize two matches (round trip) next March. The return match will take place at home for the teams having completed the elimination phase in the African top 5, notes CAF. During the latest Fifa ranking, established last November, Algeria as well as Senegal, Nigeria, Tunisia and Morocco completed the knockout phase of the World Cup in the African top 5, while Egypt, Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali and Cameroon will constitute hat 2. The date of the draw has also been set, it should take place between January 22 and 26. The president of the FAF also confirmed the Greens’ already agreed preparation program for the final phase of the CAN, specifying that the latter, scheduled from January 9 to February 6, 2022, will take place in Cameroon. “Unless a last minute surprise decision, the CAN is scheduled in Cameroon.

The national team will travel to Doha on December 27 for a training camp where they will play two friendly matches against Gambia on January 1 and Ghana on the 5th of the same month before joining Douala in Cameroon for the start of the competition ” , he clarified before returning to the subject of the representativeness of Algeria at the level of the bodies of world and continental football. “Taking advantage of my presence here in Qatar, I met and discussed with the president and the SG of Fifa as well as the president and the various members of the executive board of CAF. Our objective is to return to the executive level, especially since we have felt this demand from these same bodies ”, explains Amara.

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