Amadeusz Ferrari comes to hit a Youtubeur in the middle of an interview

MMA – Amadeusz Ferrari hits a Youtubeur while the latter is in the middle of an interview.

It happens in MMA that press conferences and interviews turn into a nightmare. Small or large organizations, it doesn’t matter, unusual situations can happen anytime and anywhere. At a press conference ahead of High League 4, the fighter Amadeusz Ferrari came to knock out a Youtuber who was being interviewed.

A knockout from nowhere:

On the videoa man can be seen answering questions from journalist Monika Laskowska. If the interview goes well, at some point, Amadeusz Ferrari turns everything upside down. Indeed, the Pole came to knock out the interviewee and then left immediately. The man attacked would be a famous Youtubeur known under the pseudonym of Sadek.

A tension between the two men:

Amadeusz Ferrari Roslik is known for his controversial behavior. In addition, the Pole went to attack Sadek because the latter had spoken badly of the performances, but also of the family of the fighter. After the incident, the journalist tried to calm the situation and tried to resume her interview as if nothing had happened.

What do you think of the Polish attack?

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