Always more in the crisis, Green flies to the rescue of Poole after the controversy!

The Warriors lost another basketball game on Tuesday night. This time against the Heat, and always on the outside. The bad series continues for the men of Steve Kerr, to the point that a new controversy has emerged with Jordan Poole. Even Draymond Green came to defend him…

0 wins, 4 losses, that’s the Warriors’ away record this season. Steve Kerr’s men are having a hard time winning away from the Chase Center, like this Tuesday night when they face the Heat. The result is a defeat with a score of 109-116. The victory was however not far away, but the 23 points of Steph Curry were not enough to make a difference.

A Warrior in the sights of the referees

Jordan Poole, he had a rather strange evening. He did not show off with 9 units at 3/10 shooting, with the added bonus of a nasty -23 on the floor. A game to quickly forget for the back. This is all the more the case since the referees whistled him 3 « carry the ball ». It’s very rare to be reported, and it’s safe to say that given his reaction, Poole took it very badly.

Jordan Poole’s reaction to his third walk of the evening 😂😅

However, we cannot say that it is undeserved. Carrying the ball exists every time, which can be seen as a bad habit of Poole. But what about the other leaders? The Warrior is certainly not alone in doing this. Draymond Green therefore prefer to warn…

Draymond Green on Jordan Poole’s three ball carriers: “All the leaders in this league do that. A lot… So maybe it’s time for a change, we’ll see. »

Will the rules change? Jordan Poole has in any case learned the hard way against the Heat. Hopefully, however, all players are getting the same treatment from now on. Otherwise, we can be sure that the Warriors will not be happy…

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