Altercation: Did Trevor Zegras allude to Troy Stecher’s late father?

We kept ourselves a little embarrassed before talking about the controversy surrounding Trevor Zegras, the time to have some credible stories to trust.

Since Saturday night, a theory that the Anaheim Ducks forward disrespected Troy Stecher by referring to his deceased father has been circulating on social media.

The controversial scene came during the second period of the game between Anaheim and Arizona Coyotes. During a skirmish, Zegras said something to the defender that stung him.

Judging by the reaction of Stecher (whose father passed away in 2020), the remarks seem inappropriate, not just insulting.

The fact that Trevor Zegras seems to be pointing a finger at the sky while inveighing against his opponent has not failed to fuel speculation.

Zegras went overboard, but…

Asked about the nature of his words, Trevor Zegras claims not to have referred to the father of his vis-à-vis. It was from trash talk usual, he says. Nothing serious that justified getting upset like that.

According to information collected by Craig Morgan from NHL Network, the Ducks player does not lie. Well-informed sources, however, argue that he has indeed exceeded the limits.

We still don’t know what was said. Troy Stecher has not yet delivered his version of the facts.

As for Zegras, he was punished on the streak, before counting in overtime and being named the game’s first star. His coach was very proud of him after the game.

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