already the time for profit taking?

After three sessions of recovery, the US quotation shows some signs of slowing down before market on Thursday. The DJIA lost 0.4% and the S&P 500 0.3%, while the Nasdaq lost 0.5%. A barrel of WTI crude returns 1.3% on the Nymex at $ 71.4. The ounce of gold fell 0.4% to $ 1,778. The dollar index gained 0.2% against a basket of currencies. Bitcoin is up 0.5% to $ 49,300.

Unemployment claims in the United States fell sharply last week, falling to a level more observed since September 1969! The US Department of Labor has indeed announced, for the week ended December 9, jobless claims at the number of 184,000, down 43,000 from the previous week. The consensus was positioned at 220,000. The four-week average stands at 218,750, down from 21,250. Finally, the number of unemployed people receiving benefits for the week ended November 27 reached 1.992 million (1.91 million consensus), up 38,000 over seven days.

The preliminary wholesale stocks for the month of October will be revealed at 4 p.m. (consensus + 2.1% compared to the previous month).

Tomorrow Friday, operators will be attentive to the consumer price index for the month of November, which will be communicated at 2:30 p.m. (consensus + 0.7% compared to the previous month and + 6.8% year-on-year; +0 , 5% and + 4.9% excluding food and energy). The preliminary index of consumer sentiment for the month of December, measured by the University of Michigan, will be known tomorrow at 4 p.m. (consensus 67).

The narrative on the markets remains appreciably comparable to that of the beginning of the week. The operators have integrated the idea of ​​an acceleration of the Fed’s tapering, which could be formalized as early as next week at the end of the meeting on December 14 and 15. At the same time, fears are easing somewhat regarding the health crisis, while the new Omicron variant seems less virulent than initially feared.

One study determined that the Omicron variant was four times more transmissible than the Delta variant and eluded immunity acquired naturally or by vaccination. Bloomberg cited an unpaired study by a Japanese scientist showing that Omicron is highly transmissible. The results are based on analysis of genomic data from the South African province of Gauteng and also show that Omicron escapes acquired immunity naturally and through vaccines. However, the fact that hospitals in South Africa are not overwhelmed despite around 20,000 new cases / day supports the thesis that Omicron cases could be generally mild.

While there are still concerns about the effectiveness of current vaccines, a Pfizer study published yesterday found that a third dose of its vaccine still offered effective protection. The company’s CEO also suggested that a fourth dose of the Covid vaccine might be needed sooner than expected. Along with the developments of new variants, there have also been numerous articles recently published about the continuing threat to the United States from the Delta, which is experiencing an increase in new cases and deaths after declining in the fall. The New York Times and Axios thus evoke this persistent threat.

Note, elsewhere in the world, that Fitch became the first credit agency to declare Evergrande in default. In addition, the US House of Representatives yesterday passed a bill to punish China for its treatment of Uyghurs … Reuters said the ECB was converging on a limited and temporary increase in its plan to buy Uighurs. ‘Assets … Finally, the US Senate begins the debate on measuring the debt limit, with enough GOP votes to break the filibuster.


Pfizer. The CEO of the laboratory, quoted by CNBC, affirms that a fourth dose of the Covid-19 vaccine could be necessary earlier than expected because of the Omicron variant! « When we see real world data, we will determine if Omicron is covered by the third dose and for how long, » Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, told CNBC. “And the second point, I think we’ll need a fourth dose,” Bourla added. The Pfizer boss originally expected a fourth dose 12 months after the third, but told CNBC it may be needed faster than that.

Bourla said on Wednesday that populations may need a fourth injection of the covid vaccine sooner than expected, after preliminary research showed the Omicron variant could undermine the protective antibodies generated by the vaccine the company developed with BioNTech. .

Pfizer and BioNTech yesterday released the results of a first laboratory study which showed that a third injection was effective in controlling the variant, while the first round of two-dose vaccinations would show a significantly reduced ability to protect against the variant. new strain. However, the two-dose series would likely still provide protection against serious illnesses caused by Omicron, the companies said.

Bourla noted that the preliminary study was based on a synthetic lab-created copy of the variant, and that more data was needed from testing against the true virus. These actual results will be more precise and are expected in the next two weeks, said the leader of Pfizer.

Bourla, who previously predicted that a fourth injection would be needed 12 months after the third, now says that with omicron, « we have to wait and see because we have very little information. We may need it sooner. « . The CEO of Pfizer said that the most important right now is to deploy the third doses for the winter. Public health officials are worried about a spike in infections, as people congregate more indoors …

« A third dose will give very good protection, I think, » Bourla said. He also said treatments such as Pfizer’s oral antiviral pill, Paxlovid, will help prevent hospitalizations and control Covid during the winter.

Amazon. The Italian competition policeman has imposed a heavy fine of 1.13 billion euros on the American e-commerce colossus for abuse of a dominant position. The Seattle group would have discriminated against sellers and harmed competing operators in the logistics service of online commerce, says the Italian antitrust regulator.

Apple. A twist in the trial between Apple and Epic Games, the developer of the Fortnite video game, since the summer of 2020. The apple firm thus won an important round on appeal on Wednesday, a judge having decided to suspend the injunction taken in September by a California judge against Apple. Thus, the Californian group will not be obliged to open its App Store from this Thursday, December 9 to means of payment outside its system.

Uber. The European Commission has unveiled a proposal to give people who work through digital platforms like Uber’s better rights and benefits.

Apple. Three high-level engineers have left Apple’s car project to join start-ups, Bloomberg reports.

GameStop. The video game distributor, ‘meme stock’ star of WallStreetBets social traders earlier this year, received a subpoena from the SEC, a U.S. stock market policeman, in August in connection with a trading investigation in his actions.

Blackstone intends to float its subsidiary Cirsa on the stock market next year in a deal that could value the Spanish casino operator up to three billion euros.

KKR, Advent, Silver Lake, EQT, Bridgepoint, Apollo, CVC Capital Partners and Bain Capital are among the likely candidates to buy up to 20% of the trading company that the Professional Football League wants to create for manage the broadcasting rights of French football, Reuters sources said.

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