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The restyled Porsche 911 type 992 Turbo seen on snow-covered roads in northern Sweden displays a rudimentary front fascia hiding a fairly substantial facelift at the front. The large air intakes and daytime running lights have been redesigned at the front but the rear bumper does not seem to have changed significantly. We still find the light signature at four points at the front in the ovoid headlamps of the German coupe, while the rear strip made up of a line of LEDs still has its place under the fixed spoiler. This element, like the two parallelepipedal double tailpipes, makes it possible to identify this prototype as being the Turbo. Other aesthetic elements may appear in the coming months as the car develops.

Hybrid powertrain?

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Porsche 911 Turbo restyled | German sportswoman spyshots

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The first hybrid-powered 911 should appear on the restyled version of the 992, but for the moment, the prototype seen in Sweden does not appear to be equipped with such a powertrain. We do not yet know whether the sports car will have hybrid or plug-in hybrid technology, which would imply the installation of a refill hatch in addition to the one dedicated to refueling. According to Automedia, the 911 hybrid will use a 400-volt electrical system instead of an 800-volt system like the Taycan. A higher voltage is suitable for fast charging, which is not necessary for a hybrid vehicle with a smaller battery. To meet increasingly stringent environmental standards in city centers, mainly European, the rechargeable hybrid solution with sufficient all-electric autonomy for daily trips would be the most logical.

In short

The Porsche 911 type 992 should undergo a restyling accompanied by an evolution of its technologies in the coming years. If all versions of the famous German sports car will be affected by the facelift, it is the restyled 911 Turbo which was immortalized by spy photographers under a thick camouflage, in the north of Sweden. The appearance of a plug-in hybrid powertrain on this new evolution of the 911 (992.2) is on the program.

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