Already 4 teams including the Lakers on a player this summer!

While some teams are still battling to determine the NBA champion, others are preparing for the coming offseason. Certain players should be particularly courted across the league. One of them would also already be in the sights of four franchises, including the reigning champion!

If the free agency 2022 promises to be absolutely monstrous, this year’s one won’t be bad either. Among the class of players potentially available in a few weeks are a few big names like Kawhi leonard, Chris Paul or Mike Conley. Even Evan Fournier will be there, he who is already closely followed by a big franchise in the West.

So it won’t be surprising that franchises are snapping up some of them. And yet, there is one man in particular who should be the object of quite a bit of envy this summer… while he is under contract for next year. No less than four teams would be in line to acquire the services of Myles Turner:

The Pacers will be listening to trade offers for Myles Turner during the offseason. The Lakers, Knicks, Celtics and Hornets « should » show interest.

Not necessarily the most high-sounding case, the Indiana pivot is, however, a very interesting case. Fantastic blocker, the former Texas college product finished No. 1 in the category this season with 3.4 (!) Shots blocked per game. It is already the second time in his career that he has appeared on this same throne, a testament to his productivity.

So it makes sense that the franchises cited are ready to get it. Each of them is indeed sorely lacking a totem in the racket, a man capable of repelling anything that moves. In the case of the Lakers, this would be of great help to Anthony davis, especially since Samurai Myles can completely deviate at three points in attack (35% far in career).

The same goes for Boston, which has been looking for such a profile for nearly a decade. At the Knicks, he would make a pretty crazy pair with MIP of the season, Julius Randle. As for Charlotte, her presence would offer a real option for LaMelo Ball in a racket for the moment quite poor in talent. However, do not count on the Pacers to sell off their player, and it will take a good offer to convince them.

A fierce defender and modern pivot in attack, Myles Turner has everything to appeal to competing franchises. It wouldn’t be surprising, then, for GM Chad Buchanan’s phone to ring regularly in the weeks to come.

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