Alpine, illustrated overview of the models

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After Bugatti and Alfa Romeo, Didier Bordes, former photographic technician from the School of Fine Arts in Le Mans, offers an overview of all the Alpines produced from 1955 to the present day.

The book begins by evoking Jean Rédélé’s first preparations, namely the « special Rédélé » 4CVs with which the young man from Dieppe revealed his good driving skills, winning his category in the Mille Miglia and the 1954 Alpine Cup. His successes in the mountain events will be at the origin of the name Alpine, which becomes a manufacturer in its own right from 1955 with the A106.

The rest is well known, with the release in 1963 of the A110 berlinetta which would become a rolling legend, as well as the saga of F3, prototypes and even the single-seater-laboratory which Renault Sport inherited in 1976 to launch itself into F1.

Each model, highlighted by numerous photographs, is presented in its different versions, with very concise information on engines, production and a chronological evolution of vintages. Berlinetta enthusiasts will also find some summary tables with the chassis numbers corresponding to the different versions, from the 1963 Type 956 55 horsepower to the 1975 1800 16S Group 5 220 horsepower. Then there are obviously the A310, A610 as well as the R5 Turbo which were assembled in Dieppe.

The last part of the book obviously dwells on the revival of Alpine in 2012, after almost 20 years of silence, first through « rebadged » Oreca LMP2 prototypes, then with the release of the modern A110. and finally the official arrival of the brand in F1 in 2021, taking over, like a snub to history, from Renault.

Here is a book that can enrich and complete the abundant literature available. It has the advantage of offering a synthetic view of the brand and all its productions.

  • Publication date: 05/18/2022
  • Number of pages: 160
  • Author: Didier Bordes
  • EAN 13: 9791028305192
  • Publisher: ETAI ALBUMS
  • Size: 240X290mm
  • Number of illustrations: 230

to summarize

Didier Bordes’ book, « Alpine, illustrated panorama of models », concisely retraces with numerous illustrations the rich career of Alpine, through all of its creations: prepared Renaults, berlinettas, prototypes and single-seaters.

Nicolas Anderbegani

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