Alperen Sengun struggling with his new role in attack

While at the same time Jalen Green shone with his 3-point shot, in Miami, Alperen Sengun had a much more complicated evening. In 17 minutes, he only scored 2 points at 1/5 on the shot, in addition to committing 5 fouls.

In the last quarter, the interior even distinguished itself with a gross offensive fault, pushing its defender with his arm. He was undoubtedly frustrated by his performance, his lack of impact and especially his change of role in the Houston attack.

“You have to serve it at some point”notes interim coach John Lucas for the Houston Chronicle. « We’re asking him for something he’s never done. He has to go towards the circle and we don’t go through him. You can’t ask a 20-year-old kid to be satisfied with that. »

The Turk, author of an interesting first season, is more comfortable when he receives the ball from a low post and with his back to the circle. Now he is at the center of the pick-and-roll: he must screen away from the basket and then move and offer passing solutions. Without having the assurance of always being served afterwards.

“We have to find common ground with him to get the best out of him,” continues the assistant coach, who will see Stephen Silas come out of the health protocol and return this Wednesday. “I think we can do it, we can find a solution. It’s a big sacrifice for him. I spend more time with him to help him succeed. But it is not expected that he will be our best scorer. »

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