Alonso will use a 3rd engine for Australia


The Spaniard is forced to use a 3rd engine in Australia. Here’s what we know.

After its abandonment during the previous Grand Prix, Saudi Arabiathe stable Alpine announced that it had to change the engine of the single-seater from Fernando Alonso. AT Bahrainthe team with the « A » arrows had encountered sealing problems :

“After the Bahrain Grand Prix,we have identified a suspected sealing problem with the power unit in Fernando’s car. As a precaution, the ICE (internal combustion engine) was changed to the Arabian GP and the Bahrain power unit returned to Viry for further analysis. It will be returned [le moteur de Bahreïn] in the engine park for later use in the season. Fernando won’t be penalized this weekend and Esteban’s ICE haven’t been affected by the case.

However, to Jeddah, Fernando Alonso had, as previously explained, retired halfway through the race. This time it’s a problem more serious about water pumpwhich hit the French power unit, as explained Laurent Rossi – Managing Director of the Alpine team- to our colleagues fromAuto Weekly :

“It’s not the engine but the water pump, explained Laurent Rossi, General Manager of Alpine, during a meeting in Viry-Châtillon. This led to a lack of cooling and subsequently a cascade of events: the engine cooled less, the oil heated up, etc… creating more problems. »

The French team hoped to be able to replace and therefore repair the engine in question, but the damage is too great. Alpine will have to equip Fernando Alonso’s single-seater with a 3rd ICEon the occasion of Australian Grand Prix. The Spaniard will therefore use a third different engine in the space of three Grands Prixin addition to bringing a new flat bottom and a new fin.

As a reminder, current regulations allow each pilot to use a allocation of three engines per season. If the A522 of the double world champion is the victim of a new problem with its power unit, it will receive a penalty of 10 places on the next starting grid.

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