Allen Iverson unveils his Top 5 current “Killers” in the NBA

Guest of Taylor Rooks, former MVP Allen Iverson revealed his Top 5 players which he considers to be the best killers (they are not ranked).

“Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, James Harden… (hesitates, because“ he knows a lot of killers ”)… Bradley Beal is a killer… Oh, Lady! He’s a certified killer! « 

He obviously particularly appreciates the Blazer.

 » It’s a monster. Steph is a bad boy, but Dame is a hell of a bastard. He is violent, without respect. He does everything. As soon as he has passed the middle of the field, he can shoot, he shoots the buzzer. He’s not scared, he’s not just a killer, he’s a serial killer. You see what I mean ? « 

Last season nobody put more points than the Blazers playmaker in clutch situations with 162 points at 51.1% including 39.1% from distance and a few clutch shoots.

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