Allen Iverson appears physically transformed!


Allen Iverson is in Cleveland for All-Star Weekend, as he will be honored at halftime of the All-Star Game for his place among the 75 best players in history. But for his first public appearance of the week, AI showed himself to be physically transformed.

Allen Iverson is a unique legend in the history of the NBA, in the sense that he is one of the only players to have total unanimity among fans. Indeed, whether you’re an 80s fanatic, a nostalgic 90s fan or a more recent fan, everyone shares the same admiration for the Sixers icon as those who are lucky enough to see him reach peaks in the 2000s′.

Moreover, on the occasion of the All-Star Weekend, the site Bleacher Report decided to highlight The Answer during an evening event. This Friday, AI was up against Tracy McGrady in a great highlights battle that smelled of crossovers, contested shots and big offensive crises. But during a presentation message of the evening, an element drew the attention of the fans.

Allen Iverson spotted with a few extra pounds at the All-Star Game

Allen Iverson and T-Mac are ready

Allen Iverson showed up wearing a balaclava, which has become a habit in recent months, but that’s not what shocked fans. If the spectators were surprised, it is simply because the leader seems to have taken a few pounds. The angle of the image may not be innocent, the fact remains that Internet users have allowed themselves a few jokes on Twitter.

AI follows the same diet as Zion Williamson

Why it looks like AI is using a magnifying filter mdrrrrr

Allen IversoI may have gained a few pounds, but what could be more normal with age? And even being a little heavier than in the past, he is still undoubtedly much more lively and comfortable with the ball in hand than all those who have been mocked on social networks.


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