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The entire BasketSession/Reverse team gave their all before, during and after this Draft 2023. Here we bring together all the articles around the event and its players that might interest you.

– To start, of course, a summary of all the picks of the night to find you there.

– The winners and losers of this Draft 2023.

Victor Wembanyama fulfilled his destiny by being drafted by the Spurs.

– The first French drafted in n ° 1 will be confronted with challenges and difficulties in the NBA, here are which ones.

– Small portrait of Brandon Miller, drafted as No. 2 by the Hornets despite a few red flags. Will it live up to expectations?

– Focus on Scooter Hendersonwho arrives in Portland with the No. 3 pick and the hope of embodying the future of the franchise.

– We lean on Bilal Coulibalythe other French jewel drafted in 7th position by Washington.

Cam Whitmore was highly anticipated, but eventually landed in Houston in #20. What happened ?

– Just like Cam Whitmore, some players were, in our opinion, drafted a little too low and could be potential steals for this vintage.

Rayan Rupert hoped to be caught in the 1st round and had to be patient. Iliana’s brother will still discover the NBA, in Portland. Here are his prospects.

Gregg Popovich gave his first reactions to the arrival of Victor Wembanyama in San Antonio.

– If you want to make fun of us, here is the definitive Mock Draft of the 1st round that we had imagined before D-Day. Suffice to say that there are some mistakes! 😂

New Mook REVERSE special BOSTON!

Draft 2023 Podcast #98

The replay of the Late Session special Draft 2023 with Benjamin Moubèche, Shaï Mamou and Antoine Pimmel


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