All-Star Game vote: Blue Jays lose ground


A few days ago, when MLB released an update of the most likely players to start the All-Star Game, the Blue Jays were driving.

For what? Because often Canada votes en masse. This means that the Blue Jays players are numerous, among position players, on the field.

But there, on the sidelines of today’s update, it’s different.

When you watch the final round of voting (which ends tomorrow) on the sidelines of the starters, you realize that fans aren’t voting for Toronto these days.

Looking at it properly, as of today, no member of the club would be up for it. The Rangers would have an infield in their image, that said.

A few days ago, Matt Chapman, Bo Bichette and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. were ahead.

That doesn’t mean the guys won’t be at the All-Star Game since they can still get their invitation from MLB.

I wonder what the decline is due to. Is it because of the lousy performances of the Blue Jays these days? Possible.

Is the fact that there is clearly a wave of hockey outside the NHL Draft and free agents redirecting the sporting attention of people at home? Certainly a little, in my opinion.

Whether that will change remains to be seen.

round 10
  • Nestor Cortes Jr. is aiming for a comeback in a few weeks.
  • The Blue Jays prospect is progressing.


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