All-Star Game 2021: MLB may be forced to bring him back to Atlanta

Earlier this year, there were several upheavals following the passage of a law by the state of Georgia related to the electoral process. MLB had been involved in this chain of reactions and, in response to this law, made the decision to move the 2021 All-Star Game, which was to be held in Atlanta, to Coors Field, Colorado.

It was largely motivated by threats of boycott from some of the league’s leading figures.

While everything seemed settled and we had the impression that this whole story was over, we now learn that there is currently a lawsuit filed by the Job Creators Network, a community of business people. who are rather to the right on the political and economic chessboard.

What are they asking for? $ 100 million in compensation for the cancellations that affected merchants following the change of state to hold the meeting, and above all, the holding of the 2021 All-Star Game on the Atlanta side.

It is known that the Jobs Creator Network was very vocal in expressing its displeasure when the MLB announced that it would move its All-Star Game to Colorado, even launching a campaign to protest against Rob Manfred and his league. But now they are walking the talk by filing a lawsuit.

The Jobs Creator Network judges small and medium-sized businesses in the Cobb County area (where the Braves stadium is located) have been severely affected, as some media report nearly 8,000 cancellations have been made at hotels in the area .

This will obviously be an issue to watch in the coming weeks. Right now, the meeting is scheduled at Coors Field for July 13, but with the uncertainty surrounding the situation, don’t put that date on your calendar just yet.

To be continued, therefore …

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