All or Nothing: Arsenal, immersion with the Gunners on Prime Video


A new season of the documentary series All or Nothing just arrived on Prime Video. After Manchester City, Tottenham and Juventus of Turin, it is another English club which is in the spotlight: Arsenal, for a dive into the 2021-22 season of the Gunners, who have made the powder speak…

Prime Video and football is a great love story. Because before becoming the main broadcaster of Ligue 1, the streaming platform had already launched numerous documentaries on players (Varane, Ramos, Griezmann …), it has just done it again with the famous The Pogmentary, but also teams. And this via the documentary series All or Nothing, which since 2018 has allowed us to discover the intimacy of the dressing rooms of Manchester City, Tottenham, Juventus of Turin and the Brazilian national team. It is now the turn of another English team, Arsenal, to be honored on Prime Video, with 8 episodes devoted to the Gunners of Mikel Arteta. And clearly, the Spanish coach seems very comfortable in front of the cameras…

Former player of Barcelona, ​​PSG, Glasgow Rangers, Everton and Arsenal, Mikel Arteta became in 2016, at only 34 years old, Pep Guardiola’s assistant at Manchester City. And it shows. Like his Catalan mentor, the Spanish coach, at the head of Arsenal since December 2019, does not stop fidgeting, making big gestures with his arms, talking loudly and quickly and sometimes oddly. But not as much as his predecessor Unaï Emery, of course. Which naturally makes him the main character of this new season ofAll or Nothing: Arsenal. After Pep Guardiola (for All or Nothing: Manchester City) and José Mourinho (for All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspurs), Prime Video has once again chosen a good client…

It smells of powder at the Gunners

And that, we discover it from the first seconds of the first episode ofAll or Nothing: Arsenalduring which an Arteta as upbeat as usual arranges his locker room by repeating the words « passion » and « determination ». The plunge into the intimacy of the Gunners is therefore total, with images behind the scenes, and a scenario that Prime Video could not have dreamed of when filming began. Because the 2021-22 season is not only the one during which fans can return to the stadium after the confinement period, but it is also the first in a very long time during which Arsenal have not played in a European cup. The club therefore carried out a broad staff review, focusing on youth, led by Saka, White, Tierney, Smith-Rowe, Martinelli, Ramsdale or Odegaard. But this pivotal season, which should mark the revival of Arsenal, will also be enamelled with drama, with in particular the ousting of the one who is the club’s captain at the start of the season: Aubameyang, involved in numerous scandals. A decision announced by Arteta in his locker room, in what constitutes one of the strongest moments ofAll or Nothing: Arsenal.

Mikel Arteta, the greatest showman

Before and after the matches, in the canteen, in the parking lot where each player arrives with a huge luxury car: the cameras are everywhere, the immersion is total, and we fully discover the daily life of Arsenal. Even small tangles during training sessions being visible. Sessions that Mikel Arteta does not hesitate to transform into a special exercise, like when before going to play in Liverpool, he decides to broadcast during training You’ll never walk alone, the anthem of the Reds, loudly on loudspeakers, while its players train. An original method, but perhaps not really effective: Arsenal will end up losing 4-0, with an expulsion of Xhaka which will also provide images taken on the spot in the documentary series.

In addition to the current players, necessarily very present (in particular Saka, the little nugget of the club), we also find the testimonies of legends of Arsenal, our national Thierry Henry in the lead. Facing the camera, he reacts to the events of the Gunners’ season, which after a very bad start (three defeats in a row), will gradually recover, and suggest great promise for the future. But for this very young group, there will be many pitfalls, on the opposing pitches or in the locker room, as we can discover in each episode ofAll or Nothing: Arsenalwhich will stream on Prime Video at the following rate:

  • Thursday, August 4: episodes 1 to 3
  • Thursday August 11: episodes 4 to 6
  • Thursday August 18: episodes 7 and 8

Another successful new season ofAll or Nothingwhich we can only advise you to watch in VOST: because it is the actor Daniel Kaluuya (Black Panther, Get Out and black-mirror), Arsenal fan and Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Judas and the Black Messiah in 2021 who does the voice-over. And we also feel involved. Not as much as Mikel Arteta obviously, who over the sequences looks more and more like the Tasmanian devil in the Looney Tunes. Obviously, the coffee is tough on the London side…

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