All of Zach LaVine’s dunks from the 2021-22 NBA season? It’s over there

If you discover the NBA since today, then you will quickly discover that Zach LaVine is a sick man capable of levitating in the air as if he were on the moon. If you’ve been following for a bit longer, then you’re already aware of the first sentence. It’s time to watch it all for proof.

As GMK would say, the dunks of the former Wolves are simply aberrant. Whether it’s a 360 on the counter-attack at +23, a tap on three opposing players or a tomahawk after a pass against the board or an alley-oop, know that EVERYTHING goes through. Always so lethal in transition, Zach LaVine reveled last season in the caviars of Lonzo Ball, Alex Caruso or Ayo Dosunmu, but is also capable of creating his own tomar like a grown-up. The most unfair thing in the story is that it looks like the guy is letting it go without making the slightest effort, which has the gift of arousing as much admiration as annoyance for ordinary mortals, who have no not really the same athletic qualities. A gift from the basketball gods that saw him win back-to-back dunk contests in 2015 and 2016, though haters will say Aaron Gordon had to win the latter. Not content with picking up his max contract, LaVine is no longer just playing fairground for the Bulls, but has now risen to double All-Star status in 2021 and 2022, and today allows his franchise to play the leading roles in the East. The animal runs 24.4 points, 4.7 rebounds and 4.4 assists since arriving in Chicago, this is what we call linking business with pleasure for supporters of the Illinois franchise.

We still forgot to tell you to move on if you don’t like violence, because this compilation is quite bloody. 13 minutes in weightlessness is simply unfair.

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