All 32 Reverse Retro jerseys added in NHL 23


Reverse Retro jerseys for all 32 National Hockey League teams have officially been added to NHL 23.

Image credit: EA Sports

EA Sports has indeed listened to the wish of several members of the CHEL community and integrated these new uniforms into its first edition on Tuesday. patch from NHL 23.

In addition, the sports video game giant promises to feature on-ice projections and national anthems more frequently in pre-game footage, while only six teams on the Bettman Tour currently enjoy this privilege.

Later, around mid-November, on-ice logo projections will be included for the remaining 26 NHL teams, including the Montreal Canadiens, EA says.

Also on the presentation side, EA also fixed a bug that caused a player to disappear during Stanley Cup celebrations.

About the gameplay, few corrections have been made, but they will please the players. In particular, the space between the defenders has been improved in order to better defend against breakthroughs by opposing players via the center of the ice.

Strategy related bugs have also been fixed where game strategies selected during a match did not match what was in the strategy menus.

Finally, issues with goalkeepers were also addressed as they performed less well on Arcade and Semi Pro difficulty when controlled by the user. A general bug with guardian instability and some animations has also been fixed.

Here is a list detailing all the improvements in the most recent NHL 23 patch.

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