Aliou Cissé is loose on African arbitration!

The coach of Senegal, Aliou Cissé, pushed a big rant against the African arbitration.

Regularly singled out, African refereeing has again been talked about, and not for good, during the qualifying play-offs for the 2022 World Cup which have just ended. Many controversial decisions have sparked controversy on the other side of the Mediterranean.

In a long interview with the newspaper The worldAliou Cissé made a terrible statement about African referees. “What is holding back the game’s progress in Africa? Arbitration, he retorted. I say it: arbitration is a scandal on the African continent. We don’t know how to handle it. Even those who are considered good referees are disappointing. I would go even further: why not look for some in Europe? »

“These refereeing problems have consequences on our level of play”

“When we talk about refereeing errors, we are told to stop whining, but until we solve this problem, the level of play will always leave something to be desired.thus lambasted the coach of the Lions of Teranga. Djamel Belmadi often talks about it, I understand it because I live it, like other coaches. These refereeing problems have consequences on our level of play. Senegal likes intensity, our opponents know it and during the matches, they do everything to break it by multiplying the faults. But the referees never sanction and that prevents us from developing our best football. But at the World Cup, you will see something else, the referees will not be the same. »

And Aliou Cissé to conclude on the subject by launching an appeal to the authorities of African football: “I am told not to talk about it, for fear that all the referees will gang up on Senegal. But who will do it then? I do not want to disrespect anyone: I am African and I want my football to go forward, but for that, we have to be listened to. »

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