Algeria – Ligue 1: Defeated, RC Relizane sinks

By conceding this new defeat at home, the Rapid de Relizane complicates its situation.

He is bogged down in the depths of the championship. RC Relizane 1-2 HB Chelghoum-Laid.

Nothing is going well for Rapid de Relizane, which is dangerously bogged down at the bottom of the standings ten days before the end of the championship. Penultimate with only sixteen points, RC Relizane already has one foot in the league with two amateurs. This new defeat (2-1) in front of Hilal de Chelghoum-Laid considerably reduces the chances of maintaining Rapid de Relizane. Its winner of the day, the HBCL, improves its capital points (27) and takes shelter temporarily.

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