Alexandre Lacazette is not up to the task for OL –

In great difficulty, OL must rely on leaders to remobilize their locker room. Strong element that would not represent Alexandre Lacazette, for the greatest regrets of Sidney Govou.

After a failed 2021-22 season, Olympique Lyonnais wanted to build on new foundations in order to reconnect with its past ambitions. Objectives far from being achieved after nine days of the championship while the Gones are in seventh position with 13 points on the clock. A record that particularly affects Sidney Govou, frustrated by the evolution of his club. After Rayan Cherki and the Lyon organization chart, Alexandre Lacazette also took for his rank.

“Lacazette, I adore him as a player, he is a very good technical leader on the pitch but not sure if he is the type to go to the clash or to lead the locker room. He is rather quiet. There are too many things going backwards”did he declare.

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