Alex Hales apologizes for ‘reckless and senseless behavior’ as photo emerges of former England cricketer in blackface at the 2009 party

Cricketer Alex Hales apologized for his ‘reckless and senseless’ behavior by painting his face black at a fancy dress party in 2009.

The England and Wales Cricket Council and its Nottinghamshire club are investigating the former England batsman’s conduct following the Sun’s report on his actions on the New Years Eve party.

Hales was pictured in blackface at a party in 2009

The 32-year-old explained that the photo was from a themed costume party in 2009, when he was 20, where he dressed up as favorite musical artist Tupac Shakur.

But he has now apologized, admitting his actions were « disrespectful. »

Nottinghamshire was already investigating a complaint by racist whistleblower Azeem Rafiq to MPs over the name of Hales’s dog on Tuesday.

Rafiq said that the use of the word « Kevin » as a derogatory term for any person of color by Yorkshire teammate Gary Ballance was « an open secret in the English locker room » and that Hales chose to call his black dog by this name. as part of the joke.

Hales denies the allegation about her dog and, in a video statement posted to Instagram, also addressed the issue of the 2009 holiday.

“The theme was the musicians and Tupac [Shakur] is, was and always will be my favorite musician, so I went like him, ”he said.

Hales apologized for his actions at the party

Instagram @ alexhales1

Hales apologized for his actions at the party

“Obviously I realize this is incredibly disrespectful and I want to apologize for the offense this has undoubtedly caused.

“It was incredibly reckless and stupid of me and I apologize, and I apologize to the club for the embarrassment it would have caused them.

“My 20s was full of mistakes like that, reckless mistakes off the pitch that cost me, let down family, let down my teammates, let down my friends and the close connections I had.

“Some of these decisions that I will regret for the rest of my life. Over the past few years being a little out of the spotlight has given me a chance to improve as a cricketer but also as a human, as a person off the pitch as well. This is something that I feel like I’ve done and will continue to strive to do.

“As for the allegations regarding the dog, this is an ongoing investigation at the club so I cannot go into specifics on this, but I want to reiterate what I said in my statement – I deplores all forms of racism and discrimination.  »

Hales has been no stranger to controversy throughout his career.

The cricketer was accused of discrediting the game in 2017 following an incident outside a nightclub in Bristol, also involving his teammate Ben Stokes.

Stokes was charged with a fight by police, while Hales was suspended for six white ball games and fined by the Cricket Disciplinary Commission.

Hales has also tested positive for recreational drugs twice during his career – the last in 2019, which led to a 21-day ban from cricket by the ECB.

In the published photo of Hales at the party, an ECB spokesperson said: “We strongly condemn all forms of discrimination. We have procedures in place to deal with conduct and allegations of this nature and will investigate accordingly. We want cricket to be an inclusive and welcoming game for everyone.

Nottinghamshire has also confirmed that it has extended the scope of its investigation into Hales to include the fancy dress party.

“Alex will be subject to disciplinary proceedings established by the club and has indicated his willingness to participate in the investigation,” the county said.

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