Alex Cora wants to create a special trophy for Shohei Ohtani

You know as well as I do that there is no limit to what one can say about Shohei Ohtani. The guy is too strong.

He leads the league in home runs and will compete in the MLB home run competition. He will be the starter hitter of choice. He is an excellent pitcher who will also have the chance to pitch in the All-Star Game.

It’s unheard of since Babe Ruth.

By the way, speaking of Babe Ruth, Adam Ottavino is credited with claiming that he would have been able to remove Babe Ruth on takes. Yesterday, he didn’t strike Ohtani out on strikes, but he forced him to hit a little to end his game and allow the Red Sox to win.

On his birthday, Ohtani will not have succeeded in winning his family. That said, seeing him reach home plate late in the game, the Sox were hot.

Why? Because it has become the benchmark. Simply.

The other teams know it and recognize it. An example?

Yesterday, in a game that didn’t involve the Angels, pitcher Jon Lester put the ball to safety and doubled his lead. On Twitter, the Nationals asked Ohtani if ​​he could do the same.

Currently, it strikes at an historic rate. Its long balls are so numerous that they are reminiscent of those struck in the age of steroids.

The difference? Ohtani isn’t drugged… and he’s also a starter pitcher who’s in the All-Star Game.

For all these reasons, Alex Cora believes it’s time to create a new trophy for Ohtani, just to do him justice.

He claims Ohtani isn’t the best hitter, which doesn’t earn him an honor. He also claims he’s not the best pitcher, which doesn’t earn him an honor either. However, he believes that the combination of the two feats of arms should not be ignored since the mixture of the two makes him the best player of the Majors.

First, Cora is wrong to say that he is not the best hitter. I don’t know if he is the best, but he is among the elite. The Sox manager is right about the pitch on the pitcher that Ohtani is, however.

Secondly, the title of MVP awaits him.

And third, Cora is right. It takes him one more honor to commemorate his magnificent season, which is downright historic.

Note that Ohtani will face the Red Sox tonight as a starting pitcher.

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