Alex Caruso forbids changing numbers, the improbable reason!

Still with the Bulls, where he hopes to be very successful this season, Alex Caruso has thought about changing his jersey number this summer. Unfortunately for him, the leader came up against the categorical refusal of the NBA, which invoked a reason that was surprising to say the least to justify the decision. And as often, money is involved.

If we often talk about the Heat, the Celtics, the Bucks or the Sixers in the Eastern Conference, be careful not to forget the Bulls, who have been very discreet for a few months. However, and with a Zach LaVine / DeMar DeRozan axis, we can be sure that this team will want to compete with the others for a place in the playoffs, and why not in the grand finale. Among the decisive players, Alex Caruso must be mentioned, he who has changed a lot of things since his arrival in Illinois.

He’s not going to finish with the most stats at the end of the game, except maybe in steals, and yet Caruso is an important player. Able to score, he stands out above all for his defense, while displaying an ability to be a leader each time he joins the floor. The kind of player every franchise wants to have, which explains their popularity in the league.

The refusal of the NBA concerning Alex Caruso!

Whether we like it or not, Caruso is a name that is very popular among supporters, whether we are at the Lakers or the Bulls. Proof of this is that the leader is part of the top 75 in jersey sales, a sign that the fans appreciate him a lot. This is also why the NBA refused to change his number during the summer, to honor Bill Russell in his own way.

Alex Caruso thought about changing his number 6 this summer to honor Bill Russell, but the NBA denied his request because he’s in the top 75 jersey sellers.

A little reminder for some, it is now forbidden to wear number 6 in the league, following the death of the late Bill Russell. The only exception in place is for players already wearing that number, like LeBron James and Alex Caruso, who are entitled to keep it until further notice. But then why this refusal? Because of money. We can imagine for example that Nike has made a lot of jerseys for Caruso, and that selling them off because of a number change would be bad for business. Suffice to say that it is a decision that is likely to cause controversy among the supporters.

Because he sells too many jerseys, Alex Caruso can’t change his jersey number to honor Bill Russell, which almost seems like a surprising excuse from the NBA. A decision motivated by money, but which risks above all to annoy the player, as well as many fans at the same time. Frustrating.

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