“Alex Caruso couldn’t resist the weeeeeeeeed !!! « 

Arrested for drug possession a few days ago, Alex Caruso generated quite a buzz with his mishap. Enough for some observers to go wild live! An NBA analyst in particular delivered a legendary outing on television.

If his Lakers had a fairly disappointing season, eliminated in the first round by the Suns, Alex Caruso is one of the few satisfactions of the workforce. With 6.4 points and nearly three assists on average, the back played its role wonderfully off the bench, bringing long shots and defense on the man.

Now that he’s on vacation, Bald Mamba has decided to relax, strolling across the country. Unfortunately, he had too much of a good time in Texas, getting arrested for possession of marijuana. Enough to spend a few hours in the cell, before being released on bail, without failing to react a certain LeBron James.

In any case, the affair has made quite a buzz across the league, which in principle remains a little finicky on everything relating to Marie-Jeanne. Stephen A. Smith in any case seemed extremely elated following the affair. The journalist in particular cracked a mythical exit on ESPN :

Alex Caruso of the Lakers just couldn’t resist the weeeeeeeeeeeeeeed! Damn it !

It is difficult to determine if the analyst would not have taken a little himself … Beyond that, the Laker should not risk big consequences, the NBA fines for consumption of marijuana having been abandoned there is a year. It remains to be seen, however, what the Lakers will do.

In any case, we suspect that the boy would have done well without that, a few weeks away from becoming a free agent. If a return to LA is possible, nothing has yet been decided on his case. Finding yourself in handcuffs, if only for a few moments, is not really the best advertisement for you …

A free man again, Alex Caruso is certainly going to want to put this story behind him. However, we doubt that Stephen A. Smith will forget that anytime soon!

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