alcohol, meals, delays, moles… the very strict rules established by ten Hag

New Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag has put in place several strict disciplinary rules, according to the English press. Shelving is provided for in particular in the event of information leaks, while delays will not be tolerated.

Discipline according to Erik ten Hag. The new Manchester United coach is putting in place several strict rules to straighten out his team, which was in difficulty last season, according to information from the Daily Mirror. To develop a link with his group, he wants above all to speak directly with his players in the event of a problem, and that they no longer go through their agent.

No alcohol or personal cooks, lateness penalized

Among the restrictions mentioned by the British daily, the Dutch coach would ban alcohol from his men during match weeks and would now force them to eat only via meals prepared by the club, abandoning personal chefs. Ten Hag would also like to offer more fish and vegetables on the menu. BMIs (Body Mass Index) should be monitored every month to monitor the physical condition of the Red Devils.

But nutrition isn’t the only thing the former Ajax manager seems to want to keep an eye on. As the English tabloid points out, problems with leaking information have plagued the club since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson. To remedy this, any leak could be sanctioned by being removed from the group. Regarding the delays, they would result in players being sent home.

Manchester United flies to Bangock this Friday where a dense program awaits the club with a first friendly meeting on Tuesday against Liverpool. The start of the season is scheduled for August 7 with the reception of Brighton on the first day of the Premier League.

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