Al Khelaifi “takes us for fools”: Javier Tebas counterattacks

The president of the Spanish Football League responded to the boss of Paris SG through the media.

« He takes us for fools“: the president of the Spanish Football League Javier Tebas got carried away on Wednesday after the declarations of the president of Paris SG Nasser Al Khelaifi who affirmed that if his club made such or such transaction, it is because he was there authorized. Al-Khelaifi »takes us for fools (he himself does not believe his lies) and he comes to give us lessons full of smugness and arrogance of +new rich+“, tweeted the president of La Liga. « The rules do not exist for PSG. We will continue to fight for sustainable and cheat-free football“, he concludes.

The tackle of “NAK” did not pass for Tebas

Javier Tebas responded to Al Khelaifi’s statements made to the Spanish sports daily brand, where he defended the legality of his operations and argued that he had no lessons to learn from anyone. « We know what we can do and what we can sign, we know it better than him and no one can tell us what to do. If we do it, it’s because we can“, he thus affirmed, sweeping away the accusations of spraining the “financial fair play“After the renewal of Kylian Mbappé in the Parisian club.

« Look with Messi. It’s the same: We were told it was impossible, in the end we made money with Messi. He doesn’t know anything about it and he’d better focus on his championship which is a bit dead“, Continued Nasser Al Khelaifi, who made the same speech to the Italian daily La Gazzeta dello Sport. The Spanish Football League has announced that it has lodged a complaint with UEFA against Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City who « continually breach current Financial Fair Play regulations» and claimed «the revocation of Mbappé’s contract« .

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