AirCar: this flying car will connect Paris and London in 2023


The flying car got its airworthiness certificate which was issued by Slovak Civil Aviation in January 2022.

More than 70 flight hours

In Slovakia, Stefan Klein, design teacher and founder of the company Klein Vision, chained take-offs aboard its prototype, theAirCar. In less than three minutes, this sports car transforms into a small propeller plane.
It connected for the first time the capital Bratislava in the city Nitra in June 2021. This Flying vehicle obtained its airworthiness certificate in January 2022, issued by the Slovak Civil Aviation after more than 70 flight hours.

An aircraft engine

Anton Zajac, the co-founder of the company explained that the engine of the current prototype is undersized. « We are working on prototype no. 2. It will be equipped with a computer-controlled aircraft engine“, he noted, specifying that its fuselage will be lighter and easier to produce in large series. With a speed of 300km/h in the air, this second version will go twice as fast as the initial prototype.

Connecting Paris to London

After flying over cities in SlovakiaI’Aircar will connect Paris at London in 10 to 12 months, from 2023 before heading to the United States, for a crossing from east to west, reports West France.
Furthermore, the company Klein Vision intends to sell about twenty models after obtaining the certificate of airworthiness for the new prototype.
In order to produce the model on an industrial scale, the company intends to obtain European certification. « Our factory will be in Slovakia, but if we raise enough funds, we can open another one in the United States“, said the manager.

More than 700,000 euros

On the fuel side, prototype n° 2 will run on gasoline purchased at service stations and will meet the same emission standards as cars.
The co-founder of the company confided that as soon as the capacity of the batteries allows it, they will use an electric motor. The newspaper notes that to have this flying vehicle, it will cost 750,000 euros.

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