Aimed, Vanessa Bryant raises the tone in the trial of the Kobe crash!

The twists and turns follow in the file of the accident of Kobe Bryant. Still targeted by Los Angeles County, Vanessa has to face a new court request, which her lawyers do not intend to access so easily!

As in any file as complex, and with the sums involved so amazing, the American justice takes its time. At least, the different parties are stepping up their efforts so as not to lose this process, which is so important in terms of image. Still opposed to Los Angeles County, a year and a half after the fatal accident in Kobe bryant, Vanessa does not fold.

Obviously bereaved by the disappearance of her husband and her youngest daughter, Gianna, the mother immediately filed a complaint against the police in Los Angeles. Accused of having caused emotional distress in her, because of stolen photos of the crash scene, the latter requested a psychiatric analysis of the complainant. A request refused, but which does not completely spare Vanessa.

Vanessa Bryant’s therapeutic liability revealed?

Following a recent verdict by federal judge Charles Eick, Vanessa Bryant’s camp must now send its private therapy files to the court before November 29. The widow of Kobe will thus have to put her hand, and provide the court with written records of her therapeutic sessions dating back to January 2017, that is to say 3 years before the disappearance of the Mamba! A logical request according to Eick.

These requests are clearly relevant to the claims and defenses in question here and, having been limited by this order, are proportional to the needs of the case.

It should be noted that Los Angeles County wanted Vanessa to share the files of her consultations since January 2010!

Logically, the legal representatives of Vino’s wife do not wish to respond favorably to this injunction. This was clearly suggested by Mari Saigal, one of Vanessa’s lawyers, in a document for the courts drafted on Friday.

This development should be seen as what it is: an attempt to force Bryant to drop her complaints, to prevent her private therapy records from being brandished during the trial, and reported in the press.

You will understand, this case is by no means about to know a quick resolution. Neither side wants to cede ground, which should not help the judges’ task. As a reminder, the trial will not open until February 2022.

Exempted from psychological examinations by the court, Vanessa Bryant will however have to hand over her therapeutic files to the court. A certain blow for the widow, whose complaint does not seem ready to succeed!

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