AI and Sport: how Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing tennis?


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Charles Ange Ginésy presented, at the National Museum of Sport, an unprecedented innovation that will revolutionize tennis coaching, in the presence of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, former world number 5 at the ATP.

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When AI revolutionizes sport: a 1time world

Artificial Intelligence has been involved in the practice of sport for many years. Athletes are major consumers of connected and intelligent objects, which are increasingly easy to access and of high quality, in particular for measuring, collecting or analyzing performance (for example a connected watch).

During this exchange, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, professional tennis player, and Alice Modolo, freediver, presented the advantages of integrating AI into their respective sports. On this occasion, an unprecedented innovation from the drone company Parrot in partnership with the All in Tennis Academy was presented. This revolutionizes the coaching of tennis and apnea thanks to the compilation of data obtained using drones.

« This unique innovation in the world, designed by the drone company Parrot in partnership with the All In Tennis Academy, optimizes the gestures of players by compiling data obtained using a drone.

Artificial Intelligence and sport are fields of action in which the Department des Alpes-Maritimes is fully committed. In 2017, I launched a major digital policy, the SMART Deal 06and today we associate another strong policy, sport. »
– Charles Ange Ginésy, President of the Alpes-Maritimes Department.

« This project will revolutionize tennis coaching and help coaches to collect very precise data for the performance of an athlete. We have been able to identify, after long reflections, certain needs in this sport. This tool will come to the service of the « human, in addition, and not the other way around. It will allow us to recover a lot of data but also images not visible to the naked eye.
All of this data will help coaches advance youngsters physically, technically, tactically. The drone will also be able to calculate the impacts of various elements that are currently impossible to predict such as humidity, wind, sun. »
– Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, professional tennis player

AI at the service of the maralpine territory

Today, AI offers multiple applications in fields as varied as health, risk management, mobility and even sport.

It can bring a lot, provided that it is used thoughtfully and controlled, in the service of Man and not against him.

Through this unprecedented action, which is part of an ambitious plan carried out by the Department, the Alpes-Maritimes is clearly positioning itself as an innovative territory in terms of AI.

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