ah we are told in the headset that there is no match, well it will be a turkey and in bed

Every night from October to June, the NBA is there to accompany us while normal people sleep. But sometimes the League will hit the pause button. This is the case today, November 25, 2021, and promised it has nothing to do with COVID.

Prepare your best turkey, today is Thanksgiving in the States! This falls every year on the fourth Thursday in November, and incidentally that means no NBA game tonight. Zero, nothing, not even a Pelicans – Early evening pistons that could have been enough for our happiness (though). Said like that, maybe it is a little brutal because it is difficult for all of us to live without hearing the sound of the orange ball or the shoes creaking on the floors of the Great League. But tell yourself, now is the time to catch up on a few hours of sleep. Like Kawhi Leonard, you sometimes have to engage load management mode to be able to last the whole season. a day off, it also feels good sometimes, especially since the rhythm will resume with a vengeance on Friday. We were entitled to 13 games yesterday, you will be entitled to 12 games tomorrow. So for once, take the opportunity to do something else. Sleeping is the first option, but not the only option if it isn’t right for you. It’s Thursday, there’s surely an evening not far from where you live and that will allow you – in addition to rediscovering a semblance of social life – to stay on a similar pace to the one you currently have. Not bad the idea eh? Otherwise, for those who really can’t (but really can’t) do without basketball, there are a few NCAA games on the program, in addition to three NFL games at nice times for little US football fans. You will see, it is also cool as a sport.

Come on, we say Happy Thanksgiving to you even if it does not exist with us, and we very quickly find ourselves with an NBA XXL program.

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