Agnelli launches lead to end transfers over € 100m

Solution to extricate itself from the economic crisis which undermines European clubs, Andrea Agnelli, president of the European Club Association (ECA), explained on Monday that a reform aimed at prohibiting the largest transfers between qualifiers in the Champions League was discussed in the instances.

While the reform of the next version of the Champions League should be acted within « a few weeks », announced Monday Andrea Agnelli, the boss of the European Club Association (ECA) and Juventus Turin also mentioned the possibility of a « wide range of reforms » to revitalize European football, after a general assembly of the body on Monday.

Including that of preventing all the clubs which would qualify at a certain stage of the biggest European competitions from making nine-figure transactions between themselves (« no triple figure transfers« , according to comments reported by Reuters), as the clubs go through a financial crisis unprecedented since the onset of the global epidemic.

Promote « indirect solidarity » with the little ones

While nine transfers of more than 100 million have been made since 2016, and the purchase of French international Paul Pogba by Manchester United (105 million euros), this reform should force the biggest clubs to focus on the ‘purchase of « champions in the smallest countries », and thus promote « indirect solidarity » with them. The problem of the existence of clubs almost untouchable by their economic power, and therefore dangerous for the principles of fairness and equal opportunities dear to UEFA, is regularly raised by less powerful clubs.

The relative isolation caused by the transfers of major players between the biggest teams is also at the heart of the reflections of the ECA, as revealed by its president, evoking a new system of transfers according to which « the clubs which qualify for specific levels of international competition would not be allowed to buy players from these other clubs. Astonishing revelations, when we know that Agnelli defended tooth and nail the creation of the European Superleague, far from all these reflections of solidarity and cost limits.

Last September, the ECA estimated in a report that top European clubs could lose four billion euros in revenue due to the health crisis, and that the transfer market could contract by 20% to 30 % in the near future.

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Romain Daveau Journalist RMC Sport

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