After Zion Williamson, Moriah Mills takes on the Pels star’s girlfriend!


NBA Zion Williamson and his girlfriend

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Recently, Zion Williamson found himself in turmoil unparalleled since the start of his career. In full imbroglio with the actress for X films Moriah Mills, the star of the Pelicans does not live calm days and lately, it is even his girlfriend and mother of his future child who was attacked…

Since Zion Williamson announced the future birth of her child, it’s been war with actress Moriah Mills. While she would in fact be his mistress, she released incredible revelations about the Pelicans star and continues to lynch him publicly every day. For the moment, the player has not really reacted on his networks or via the media but we suspect that he finds himself in a very delicate situation.

Especially since Mills does not really seem to be on the way to quitting. Since the beginning of this affair, the pornographic actress has not stopped tweeting and swinging more and more shocking revelations. One of the other people involved in this case is obviously Zion’s girlfriend, Ahkeema. Today pregnant, she would therefore have been deceived for a long time and Mills also had a message for her:

Zion’s girlfriend destroyed by Moriah Mills

You slept with a slut instead of going to the gym to get back in shape. Zion Williamson, you’re trapped when you need to focus on basketball and she’s the one who got you smoked. I told you I don’t smoke and that’s the reason you got that female dog pregnant, because I don’t smoke weed.

After all the revelations that she had already released, Moriah Mills affirms that Zion would have taken weed because of Ahkeema.

If this story is not over, it falls in any case at the worst time for Zion Williamson. While the Pelicans took big steps to ensure that the star is in better physical condition, next season is likely to be important for his future. The extra-sporting problems should therefore not really reassure the franchise which is now waiting for it at the turn.

Like Ja Morant, the n°1 of the Draft 2019 is now immersed in an extra-sports affair which could well impact his life as a player. Already in the grip of many physical glitches, Zion probably does not make the task easier by adding hassles on the side. It remains to be seen how he will get out of this love triangle, hoping to see him performing well next October with New Orleans.

For the past few days, Zion Williamson has been in an extremely complicated situation. While the revelations of Moriah Mills on their relationship continue to rain, it is now his girlfriend who is accused of bad influence. The days to come promise to be turbulent for the star…


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