After the sports car in Cholet, the Venturi brand is preparing its arrival… on the Moon. Sport


Born in Cholet (Maine-et-Loire) in the 1980s, the French sports car brand Venturi was bought in 2000 by a Monegasque entrepreneur, who made it a laboratory for innovation in electric vehicles. The Venturi Astrolab entity has just developed a rover, designed for the return of astronauts to the Earth satellite in the years to come.

Will Venturi vehicles soon roll on the Moon? In 2000, the French brand of sports cars produced in Cholet from 1987 to 1991, then in Nantes, was bought by Monegasque Gildo Pastor. It has since specialized in electrics, chasing speed records, producing prototypes and competing in Formula E.

To the Moon and Beyond

Through the Venturi Astrolab entity (United States), the brand is now eyeing the Moon or even Mars. Particularly in view of an American return to the Earth satellite by 2025, via the program ArtemisVenturi Astrolab has developed a rover – interplanetary vehicle – called Flex (flexible logistics and exploration).

Tested in the California desert

Tested in the California desert, Flex is a man-powered material transport vehicle. For Jaret Matthews, CEO of Venturi Astrolab, “Companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin will solve the problem of long-distance transport. We want to solve the problem of local transportation. We want to be the FedEx and Uber of the Moon,” he confides to the technology news site The Verge.


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