After the massacre, Donovan Mitchell explains his enormous galleys

Since the start of the playoffs, Donovan Mitchell has completely rocked in terms of address for Utah. Following the jerk received in Game 5, the star revealed the reasons… In fact, a Dallas player puts him in particular difficulty.

Clearly, nothing is right Donovan Mitchell on this first round against the Mavericks. The fifth game of the series is the perfect example: the Jazz suffered a very heavy defeat (102-77, summary here), while the back ended the match injured, even having to prepare for an MRI. Before leaving his family, the guy was once again dramatic, ending the game with only 9 points at 4/15 shooting (0/7 at three points).

This awkwardness has been chronic for Spida since the start of the post-season, although he is known for dropping boxes there. Although he is averaging 26 points over the five games played, he does not have the compass in his eye at all: 39.7% success rate, including a hideous 19% behind the arc for 8 attempts per game. The player returned to his problems at a press conference, admitting that it was due to one of his opponents:

Dorian Finney-Smith, Donovan Mitchell’s nightmare

Donovan on why he’s struggling in this series after scoring so well in previous ones: “I give credit to Dorian Finney-Smith. I’ve been saying this since the beginning of the year. »

The Dallas winger is definitely a problem for a lot of people in Utah, since it also turns out to be a nightmare for Rudy Gobert. The one who is one of the darlings of the Texan public thus has the perfect profile of 3&D: effective at three points in the corner, he can also take care of the best outside attacker opposite, never reluctant to the task. It is indeed he who often comes to interfere with Mitchell. DFS was made aware of the latter’s words, and responded with a tinge of humor:

Dorian Finney-Smith after Donovan Mitchell praised him for his defense on this series: “I appreciate what he said, but we have one more game to win. I hope he continues to struggle. »

It’s cash, but it’s also fair game on his part, his franchise being only one victory away from qualifying in the second round. To achieve this, it will be necessary to defeat the Mormons on their own land. No doubt coach Jason Kidd already knows what he wants to do to stop No. 45, provided he is in good health.

Dorian Finney-Smith gives a hard time to Donovan Mitchell, who can’t adjust the sights while the winger defends him. It’s up to Quin Snyder to find a quick fix, with the Jazz playing their season on Game 6 to come.

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