After the intimidation, will the redemption soon be formalized?

The OM sale soon formalized? The doubt expressed by Pierre Menez is not going to stop the process of buyout of OM by the Saudis.

OM sale is inevitable, the planets align

The file of the OM sale has long been in the news of the Olympique de Marseille but this soap opera should not last any longer. The Marseille club still interests the dignitaries of Saudi Arabia already at the helm of Newcastle. This information relayed in our columns continues to gain momentum with the journalist’s last outing. Thibaud Vézirian. He evokes the already widespread track of the interest of the supporters of the PIF for Inter Milan, club of which they are in the process of finalizing the acquisition.

But the football world also knows that the Saudis do not intend to stop at England and Italy in their vast project piloted by the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund. They also want to land in Ligue 1. The unacknowledged idea is to compete with PSG which is owned by Qatar through QSI. With the showcase offered by this little neighbor of Saudi Arabia, thanks to the Parisian club, the decision was taken to start competition on French soil in Qatar, whatever the price to pay. PIF’s desire to buy OM was even triggered by the success of Qatar’s case for the organization of the 2022 World Cup.

The buyout of OM, what Thibaud Vézirian says, Pierre Ménès responds

Pierre Menes and Thibaud Vézirian

In Marseille, especially at the level of the town hall, the project of Franck McCourt no longer unanimous. Certain political leaders of Marseilles wish the sale of the OM to investors able to put more means. Thibaud Vézirian, who follows the file, once again shared a certainty. Regarding the OM sale, he let it be known that he certainly does not have details on the date of the officialization but that we will get there. The journalist does not yet know if the buyout of the Marseille club by the Saudis will be done before that of Inter Milan or not. “I have no information on formalization. It’s very complicated, it’s top secret. We will see that in due course. «  The journalist says: “I just know that some people wanted to pass me off as a liar and I smile in advance. The formalization is going to happen. « 

For Pierre Menes, the exit of his colleague is just one more baseless rumor. « If I believe in a sale of OM after the takeover of Newcastle? » « , asked the former journalist of Canal +, before answering: « I don’t see the connection. The report is however that the leaders of the PIF, owners of Newcastle, are considering buying several football clubs, including OM, and it is the Spanish and Italian media that say it best.

« I remind you that despite the rants of some, OM has never been for sale », he said clearly, relying on the position officially defended by Frank McCourt and his entourage. “It’s still the base. I think Frank McCourt just doesn’t want to sell the club ”, he points out, while it is not lost on him that the Bostonian businessman has no interest in claiming that he wants to sell the club, it would lower the value of the club.

What date for the officialization of the sale of OM?

After the attempts of the duo Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi and Mourad Boudjellal to buy Olympique de Marseille, Franck McCourt threatened to file a complaint. This decision by the American businessman effectively intimidated the latter two. But very quickly, the interest of the PIF appeared, and on this issue, the reaction of the Phocaean leaders was not the same, undoubtedly because the Saudis of the Public Investment Fund (PIF) led by Mohammad bin Salman did not never statements. Despite everything in Italy, he said to himself that the date of the officialization of the sale of OM should not be done before the takeover of Inter Milan, which would be the current owner file for the PIF.

How is the sale of OM preparing?

The very offensive summer transfer window carried out by the Marseillaise team appears as a harbinger of a great change to come within the club. The current Marseille boss has shown incredible generosity in the resources made available to Pablo Longoria, the current president. It is easy to understand that the ten transfers of recruited players respond to a need to make the club achieve a better season. If OM ends the season in the top 3 of Ligue 1, Frank McCourt will be sure to sell him at a better price. The sale of OM has therefore perhaps started to prepare since last summer, at the height of the rumor of the club’s takeover by the duo Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi and Mourad Boudjellal.

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