After the fiasco, the XXL exodus that threatens the Celtics!


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Following the elimination against Miami, the Celtics took a big hit behind the head. If they have already made big decisions concerning Jaylen Brown in particular, a new rumor about three important members of the workforce has cause for concern in Bean Town…

The NBA is a world where everything is going so fast that the slightest failure can put a lot of things into question. In the case of the Celtics, this loss was Joe Mazzulla’s first in his coaching career in the playoffs, so a second chance will be given to him. As for the players, we should also leave with the same men since recent updates regarding Jaylen Brown have reassured fans.

Confidence is therefore kept in this group but by losing Ime Udoka last year, Boston actually had a leg amputated as he seemed able to hold his locker room. He was also largely responsible for the course until the Finals in 2022, in the same way as all his staff. Now in Houston, Udoka could also want to go and help himself from his former stable…

Big departures to come for the C’s!

In the current NBA, the role of assistant coaches is very often underestimated. Rightly, the work of the head coach is often praised but he would probably be nothing without his staff. It is therefore surely for this reason that at the Rockets, Ime Udoka wants to surround himself well so that the workforce is in the best possible conditions. To do this, he recruited in Boston, as Gary Washburn of the Boston Globee :

According to an NBA source, assistants Ben Sullivan, Aaron Miles and Mike Moser are expected to join Ime Udoka’s Houston staff, leaving three or more open positions on Joe Mazzulla’s staff.

Obviously, this news is not the best for Joe Mazzulla as the Boston coaching staff was renowned for being qualitative.

There are therefore now three or more positions to be filled on the side of Massachusetts and the choice risks being thought twice by the leaders. Accompanying Joe Mazzulla in his second season at the head of the C’s is essential if they want the expected results to arrive. Otherwise, we could obviously ask questions about the future of the franchise.

A new disappointment could end up annoying some stars of the workforce. At the end of the year, we had already heard many noises from the halls concerning Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum could well begin to seriously want a title. 2023-24 therefore promises to be ultra-important and the front office will have to make very good choices to replace the three departing tacticians.

After losing Ime Udoka last year, three assistants should pack their bags for Houston. If this might seem anecdotal, it is perhaps indicative of a bad atmosphere in Boston. Next season is likely to be decisive for the Greens and Whites.


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