After the fiasco, LeBron breaks the silence!

Present on the Seattle side this Saturday evening, LeBron James was no doubt hoping for a great basketball evening in a room full of fans. And if this was the case for two quarters, the meeting had to be interrupted because of a problem of condensation. LeBron James, this Sunday, spoke about the events.

While waiting for the resumption of the season with the Lakers, LeBron James did not plan to train, far from it. He made the trip to Seattle this Saturday evening to play on the Pro-Am circuit of Jamal Crawford, who was happy to receive the King, just like Jayson Tatum or Dejounte Murray. Unfortunately, a problem in the room ruined this beautiful evening.

LeBron keeps positive after short stint in Seattle

The official explanation? Condensation, causing wetting of the parquet. The players had no more support, to the point that they would be injured more easily, like Chet Holmgren who slightly hurt his ankle. A sad ending for the fans, just like LeBron, who hoped to put on a show in front of the supporters, who had come in large numbers. The interested party has just reacted on his twitter account.

SEATTLE!! Yesterday was very special!!! WHOA 🤯🤯🤯 Despite the fact that the game had to be stopped for things we couldn’t control! I appreciate all the love and hospitality towards me and my loved ones who came for this show! 🫡 to Jamal Crawford, Dejounte Murray and Isaiah Thomas🙏🏾🤎👊🏾👑

Disappointment of course, but not only for LeBron, who can always come back next year to live an entire match.

Also count on Jayson Tatum to return as quickly as possible to the region, and he will not be alone:

SEATTLE! I appreciate this atmosphere it was completely crazy !! I hate that it ended like this. I am very grateful to you! 🤞🏽 I’ll be back and make sure to bring Deuce back with me!

Sad end of the evening for LeBron James, who will still have good memories of his time in Seattle. Count on the King to come back, and why not next year, to catch up on this match. Whatever happens, the fans will keep a good memory of the evening.

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